Ford F-Series Black Widow at Schaumburg Ford

Interior Features 

At Schaumburg Ford you can take your truck's interior to the next level. Our Black Widow Trucks come with painted interior trim, logo in head rests, custom designed gauge clusters, and Black Widow branded door still plates. 
Exterior Features 

At Schaumburg Ford, our Black Widow Trucks come with tinted front windows, premium quality exterior badging, front Fender lights, and Black Widow logo center caps. 



Our Black Widow F150 has 35" tires that have a longer tread life and more miles. 20" wheels with black painted wings are standard equipment of the F150. With its aggressive all terrain traction and tough sidewalls, this vehicle is great for off-roading.



Our Black Widow F250 has a 37" Premium Mud Terrain wheel and tire package option. Our off-road suspension comes with a 6" suspension lift kit featuring high-strength cross members, upper control numbers, and steering knuckles. Our Black Widow Trucks also come with OE quality custom badging. 

F-150 Limited

Our Black Widow F-150 Limited comes with 35" AT KO2 tires, so feel free to venture onto any terrain you may run into. These distinctive trucks come with a Black Widow Grille, hood vents, and fender vents that add to the vehicles tough stance.