FTX All Terrain


Interior Features

Our standard FTX ALL TERRAIN interior features include leather seats with FTX embroidery in headrests, deep tinted windows, FTX logo carpeted floor mats, and a 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty. Other features include limited edition numbered plates. 

Exterior Features

When you purchase your new FTX ALL TERRAIN, it will include suspension lifts and leveling kit, FTX exterior badging, painted front fender vents, painted bumper covers, front end alignment, and speedometer recalibration. Our F-350 includes 6 22" 10 lug FTX Wheels. 

Custom Wheels

The FTX Tuscan "Fire" wheel comes in polished chrome with the FTX logo on the center cap. These wheels provide great off-road control while upholding a high-class presence. Our F-150 and F-250 come with 20" Tuscany Exclusive Chrome Wheels, while our 350 come with 6 22" 10 lug FTX Wheels. 

Optimal Airflow

The ALL TERRAIN Signature Style allows for optimal airflow with their color-matched hood features mesh vent inserts. Active air fender vent allows for air to exit the engine compartment. This also features a FTX logo.  

More Design Features

Alongside of the FTX, color matched door cladding protects the truck while branded with the FTX Badge. The exhaust on the FTX is made with polished chrome for a more sophisticated look while also maintaining its traditionally rugged quality. The ALL TERRAIN design also provides superior traction and treadwear.