Certified Pre-Owned Ford Vehicles near Arlington Heights, IL 

Where can Arlington Heights, IL drivers find a used vehicle they can trust? A "Used" vehicle does not mean "Used Up" at Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Ford thanks to Ford's certified pre-owned program. We take the quality Ford vehicles that get traded in or sold to us, give them a very thorough inspection that guarantees them as "Certified Pre-Owned" and then sold for thousands less than their original price. It's now possible for Arlington Heights, IL drivers to get a lot more vehicle for a lot less money thanks to the certified pre-owned vehicles at Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Ford.

How Does a Ford Become Certified Pre-Owned?

Every Ford vehicle that earns the title of "Certified Pre-Owned" must undergo a rigorous 172-point inspection from a factory-trained Ford technician. Every Ford vehicle that gets approved as "Certified Pre-Owned" has to pass our inspection. The inspection goes over almost every inch of the vehicle in order to ensure that it can be certified.

  • Exterior and interior features inspected
  • Underhood and underbody diagnostics are performed
  • A comprehensive road test is performed

If a vehicle doesn't meet our standards, our Ford technicians repair or replace the substandard parts and begin the process again until it does meet our factory provided standards to earn the title "Certified Pre-Owned." Arlington Heights, IL drivers can rest assured that their certified pre-owned Ford meets factory standards when it's certified at Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Ford.

Benefits of Ford CPO Vehicles

In addition to the intense inspection process and repair or replacement that every Certified Pre-Owned vehicle goes through, there are also several other benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle in the Arlington Heights, IL area. These benefits include:

  • Limited Warranty Coverage for 12 months/12,000 miles
  • Powertrain Warranty for up to 100,000 miles
  • A vehicle history report is available for every CPO vehicle
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance is included

Add a Ford CPO Vehicle in Arlington Heights, IL

Arlington Heights, IL drivers who don't want to buy new or lease a Ford vehicle should choose certified pre-owned trucks, cars or SUVs. Our diligent Ford service team performs the inspections themselves to guarantee that our customers are receiving the best pre-owned vehicles possible. Our team takes each vehicle through our uncompromising inspection process to ensure that nothing is wrong. If anything fails to meet standards, it's replaced or repaired and then tested again.

Certified pre-owned drivers in Arlington Heights, IL also get the benefit of a full vehicle history report, 24-hour roadside assistance and several warranty options to make sure that their vehicle is covered. Put a certified pre-owned Ford in your Arlington Heights, IL driveway today by contacting our team through our website, by phone or visit our dealership during business hours. 


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