Waste Not, Want Not: Ford Trends

"Ford's blueprint for sustainability demands that we be more careful and purposeful about how we use materials, eliminating waste whenever possible. This manifests itself in what we call the farm-to-car movement. So we use things like soy, wheat, as materials to build the insulation of our vehicles."

So says Sheryl Connelly, Ford’s Global Consumer Trends and Futuring Manager, in the newest Ford Trends YouTube video. Its theme is "Waste Not, Want Not," and it discusses Ford's efforts to reduce waste and utilize sustainable materials in the context of society's push for recycling.

Keep an eye on the Ford Media YouTube channel to stay current with the Ford Trends series. And when you're done watching the "Waste Not, Want Not" video, come out to Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Ford at 815 E. Golf Rd. and try a new Ford on for size.

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